Advanced Kit for MacBook Pro Users

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Techies

The MacBook Pro is one of the most popular laptops in the world, for good reason. It’s powerful, sleek with a beautiful Retina Display and it has an all-day battery life. However, as great as these features are they come at a cost: high price tag.

For these reasons, many people opt to purchase their own accessories to save money or customize their laptop to suit their needs better. This blog post introduces some of the best accessory options that will help you get more out of your MacBook!

Top 5 Advanced Kit for MacBook Pro

There are many laptop accessories on the market. However, most are not suitable for MacBook Pro users. This list features some of the best options available to give you an edge over your competition!

1. Walnut Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is a great way to improve your productivity and ergonomics when working long hours at home or office. They elevate your laptop off the desk, providing an improved viewing angle and a more comfortable typing position. This is especially beneficial if you use your laptop for extended periods. 

The Walnut laptop stand is one of the most recommended for pro users. This stand is made of high-quality materials and is designed to fit the MacBook Pro perfectly. It also has a built-in cable management system, which keeps your desk tidy and organized.

2. MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

 If you need to use your laptop for work or play, invest in an advanced wireless mouse. A good quality mouse will provide more comfort and control when using applications such as Adobe Photoshop, which require pinpoint accuracy. 

Logitech’s wireless MX Master is one of the best options available. It has an ergonomic design with adjustable speed settings, easily customized using the included Logitech software.

3. Swivel Attachable Portable Monitor

The swivel attachable portable monitor is an excellent accessory for MacBook Pro users who often work on the go. This external monitor is a great way to maximize productivity on the go. You can easily use it as an extension of your laptop screen or detach the display and take it with you for remote work! The display has multiple viewing angles to ensure a comfortable experience. 

4. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The MacBook Pro’s retina display is one of its best features. However, it is also very susceptible to scratches and damage. The best solution to this problem is to use a tempered glass screen protector. The tempered glass will protect your screen from everyday wear and tear, as well as accidental drops or spills. 

5.MacBook Pro Cases

A good-quality laptop case is a must-have for any MacBook Pro user. It will protect your device from scratches, bumps, and other everyday wear and tear. There are many different cases available on the market, so it’s essential to find one that suits your needs and style. 

6.PowerCore III Elite Portable Charger

The MacBook Pro has a great battery life, but there will be times when you need more power. That’s where the PowerCore III Elite Portable Charger comes in handy! This charger can provide up to 30 hours of extra power for your laptop, perfect for long trips or extended workdays. 


These are just a few of the best-advanced kits for MacBook Pro users. With these accessories, you can get the most out of your laptop and improve your productivity! Happy shopping!