Choosing your Wardrobe Colors

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Fashionists

If your wardrobe is filled with numerous colors and you don’t know how to pair them, then it’s time to be more intentional about choosing your wardrobe colors. Colors are magical, and when used right, they can help you evoke various feelings and reactions depending on the combination. So, how do you pick the perfect set of wardrobe colors? Here are some tips.

1. Pick colors that suit your complexion and personal style.

Ultimately, the key is to pick colors that won’t make you look like a fashion disaster. There’s a good chance these colors that suit your personal style are your favorites. So, start by writing out your favorite colors in no particular order. You don’t have to limit them to a specific number either, so write as much as you can remember. A glance at your wardrobe will let you see the colors you are drawn to more. As soon as you have identified your favorite colors, the next important question is whether they flatter your complexion. If you have a cooler skin undertone, you won’t look so great in color like olive green. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon this color type totally. You can find one with the perfect shade to complement your skin tone.

Of course, all these won’t turn out so great if the colors are mismatched. Your wardrobe colors should be those that give you an infinite number of outfit combinations that look great.

2. Choose neutrals as your base colors.

You can never go wrong with fashion neutrals like black, brown, navy, white, and khaki. They are called neutrals because you can pair them with almost every color on the planet. Neutrals work well when combined with other colors, without looking like you’re doing too much. However, since some fashion neutrals are associated with warmth while others are cool colors, you would have to pick the ones that work well with the season. They are great as base colors as you can’t go out of style with colors that are acceptable for almost all occasions. They are also easy to style and an excellent choice for starting your outfit.

3. Don’t forget your accent colors.

These are bright colors that are perfect for drawing attention to your outfit. However, we’re not talking about unwanted attention where you’re shining like a light bulb. Since these are usually colors that stand out more than other wardrobe colors, you don’t want to overdo it. Accent colors can be red or even a sunny yellow, as this depends on what you’ve chosen as your base color. Still, you would know you have pulled it off nicely when your accent colors highlight certain parts of your outfit and draw a lot of visual impacts.

Choosing your wardrobe colors is all about picking a color palette that highlights your preferences. So, be sure to focus on what you would love while also incorporating these tips. Remember that style is personal, and your comfort is the ultimate goal when choosing your outfits.